E. M. Davey is a 34-year-old investigative journalist specialising in undercover investigative journalism. When not working he enjoys travel to far-flung and occasionally dangerous spots to research his fiction, and also just for the heck of it. He has visited more than 50 countries (and counting), including somewhat hairy environs such as the Congo, Sierra Leone, Ethiopia and Burundi. In 2015, whilst location-scouting The Sapien Paradox, he drove along the porous Afghan border with Tajikistan within walkie-talkie reach of the Taliban.

He grew up in Bristol and lives in south London. He studied history at the London School of Economics and cut his journalistic teeth at the Islington Gazette. During eight years with the BBC he went undercover for Panorama, presented on the BBC World Service and contributed to investigations on Newsnight, File on 4, Money Box and the national News at Six. He is currently an investigative journalist for the international campaign group Global Witness, working to expose corruption, human rights abuses and environmental destruction in some of the world’s most beautiful but troubled countries.

History – particularly classical history – has been his lifelong passion.

Foretold By Thunder

Foretold by Thunder, the first in a series of contemporary thrillers with a historical dimension, is now available on Amazon and at high street bookshops. Meticulously researched counter-factual history, adventure travel, life and the modern world, mashed up into page-turning fiction.