‘Coping with conflict from other human groups encouraged individual intelligence and cunning, group cooperation and cohesion, and thus fuelled social evolution, language and the growth of the brain.’

Chris Stringer, the Natural History Museum; Britain’s leading expert on human origins.

Anatomically modern humans first appeared 175,000 years ago. Recorded history began 5,000 years ago. That leaves 170,000 years of radio silence in which people just as intelligent as you or I wandered the earth – and left barely a trace. What the devil were we doing all that time?

The Congo, central Asia and the wild forests of eastern Poland are the setting for a cerebral thriller that questions what it is to be human. History is to prehistory what the Solar System is to Outer Space. By finally illuminating Deep Time, can propel the species be propelled towards goodness?

A mother-son relationship is at the heart of this character-driven novel: two random people thrown together to uncover something extraordinary. Themes of guilt and forgiveness intersect with the story of humanity itself as the pair learn from each other and claw their way towards the truth. Will the murderous secrets of our Stone Age ancestors be revealed? What makes us think like we do? Can the Sapien Paradox be unravelled at last?

Due to be published by Duckworth, 2017.

Foretold By Thunder

Foretold by Thunder, the first in a series of contemporary thrillers with a historical dimension, is now available on Amazon and at high street bookshops. Meticulously researched counter-factual history, adventure travel, life and the modern world, mashed up into page-turning fiction.