Welcome to my website. This is where I’m bringing together my forthcoming fiction, travel photography and investigative journalism… my take on our world, basically. I anticipate giving you a bit more of an insight into undercover reporting; how I construct thrillers by meshing together different strands of history so they feel like they are connected; and the ups and downs of travel into the countries I’ve visited to scout unusual settings for my fiction. (Next stop, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan). I’ve kept meticulous travel journals in every country I’ve visited, and many escapades that found their way into the three novels commissioned by Duckworth really happened. As the books are published over the coming years I’ll upload a few excerpts from the journals so that you can see the real incidents behind the chapters.

Many thanks to Danny Fontaine for making this place – not only is he brilliant, he’s also surely the nicest bloke currently doing web design in the UK. And thanks again to my publisher and agent Robin Wade for bringing my fiction to a wide audience. There were times I honestly thought it was never going to happen.

Cheers all!