“It’s not often that you come across a clever, well-researched anthropological thriller that is every bit as exciting as it is intelligent. There are some grand claims made here but they are all backed up with discussions of the archaeological and linguistic record – all placed lightly or effectively into the prose. It’s an enormous puzzle, with some pieces missing, others tantalisingly close. The contrast between the remote jungle and the men’s clubs and parliament gatherings of London couldn’t be more striking, but the dangers both pose are equal. What I really loved about The Killing Gene is its characterisation. This book is populated by a number of people that are so wonderfully depicted that I cared deeply for them. The Killing Gene is such an engrossing, character-led thriller. It’s thoroughly exciting, it’s fascinating, it’s horrifying and it is also tender and sad.”

Five stars. Kate Atherton, reviewer on the Sunday Express.

The Killing Gene by E.M. Davey



“When Dr Sakiko Tsuda goes missing in the Congo, her colleague professor Randolph Harkness and young Ross McCartney try to find her. But the pair stumble across secrets that were concealed for years – and it becomes a fight for survival. A clever, action packed tale.”

Pick of the Week, 4.5 Stars, The Sun.


“E.M. Davey has taken everything that I thought I knew about the world and completely turned it on its head. It provided an astonishing insight into the world of politics and how far countries will go to keep their secrets. In our current political climate, The Killing Gene gives a poignant and uncanny portrayal of what is going on behind the scenes. I thoroughly enjoyed every page of this novel. It has everything you could want from a thriller, and so much more. I was gripped. There is so much wit, creativity and adventure packed into this book, and you cannot help but end up caring deeply for every character. Never have I read such an enlightening tale of what is is to be human.Quite simply, I loved it.”

Reel Bazaar.

Book Review & Blog Tour – The Killing Gene by E.M. Davey


“The Killing Gene was FRICKEN AWESOME. Go buy it and read it. Right now! This was such a page turning thriller. I could not put the book down and I read it in one sitting. The characters felt real and well developed. The pace was fantastic. I can’t say enough good things, I don’t want to spoil it for you.”

Five stars. Jessica Belmont.

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“I always say you know if you’ll like a book with the first chapter… in this case I knew it with the first page. After reading this book the first thing I did was check the internet to discover what was true and what was fiction; it seemed so plausible and with so many real facts. I don’t think it’s far from the truth.”

Five stars. Blog Lovin’



“A thoroughly thought out and researched book… the characters, locations and attention to detail blew mind. WOW!! Gritty, action packed and gripping. I will definitely be picking Davey’s other books up.”

Four stars. Orchard Book Club.

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“I thought this was a cracking read. A real thriller. The science and history nerd within was thrilled with all  the theories and ‘discoveries’ in this book… compelling. I raced through it and then wittered on at my psychologist husband for ages about it. If you’re looking for a rollercoaster read then this is a great one to pick up.”

Rambling Mads

Blog Tour: The Killing Gene – E.M. Davey*


“A lot of reviewers are comparing Davey to Dan Brown. But Davey writes with more nuance, clarity, and a grounding in a reality – his background in investigative journalism shines through. A fun, adventurous escape of a summer read… if you want a tightly plotted and intelligent thriller and a fascinating exploration of anthropology and linguistics, this should scratch that itch. It has everything.”

Four stars. Rhonda Blogs About Books.

Review: The Killing Gene


“Davey’s writing was detailed, polished, and clever. It was everything I wanted in a thriller. Yes, the thrill of the chases and danger lurking around every bend is exhilarating, but he allows you to also feel compassion and connect with the characters. Even if thrillers aren’t something you would normally read, Davey makes it more than that.”

Amy Buckle’s Book Shelf.

The Killing Gene Book Review


“Completely out of my norm, totally away from my comfort zone. It pulled me along in its frantic pace and I read pretty much all 300 + pages in a day. This book blew my mind at times. It’s an amazingly, stunningly researched piece of fiction. The locations, are exotic, fantastical, and genuine, and the two main guys are warm and friendly… their banter is very funny at times which adds another quality to this cracking thriller. The story builds to a quite brilliant end.”

Five stars. AlexJBooks.

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