The Sapien Paradox

I am constantly amazed by man’s inhumanity to man.                                                                      Primo Levi, If This is a Man

‘Reminiscent of Dan Brown, Davey has penned a clever, action-packed tale.’ 
Pick of the Week in The Sun
‘An engrossing, character-led thriller. Exciting, horrifying, tender and sad.’ 
Kate Atherton, reviewer for The Sunday Express
Humans of modern intelligence appeared 70,000 years ago. Recorded history began in 3,000 BC. That leaves 65,000 years of radio silence in which people like us wandered the earth … and left barely a trace. What the hell were we doing all that time?

In her quest to discover echoes of the first language, a vivacious young archaeologist has disappeared without trace in the Congo basin. Professor Randolph Harkness goes looking for her – only to uncover a series of ancient crimes, lost in prehistory. But somebody doesn’t want him to know about it.

Equatorial Africa, central Asia and Poland are the backdrop for a thriller that explores what it is to be human – and our predilection for murder. History is to prehistory what the Solar System is to Outer Space. With myth, archaeology and hard science as his searchlight, Harkness illuminates Deep Time … what will he see?

Assisted by troubled young tearaway Ross McCartney, Harkness must battle spies and trained killers to stay alive. A father-son relationship is at the heart of this character-driven, action-packed novel. Themes of guilt, hope and forgiveness intersect with the story of humanity itself as the pair claw their way towards the truth of the Stone Age and the paradox of the modern mind.

Published by Duckworth, 27th June 2019. Order here.